Product Details
Catalog Number: FBS007-HI
Applications: Cell Assays
Type: Cell Growth Media
Storage: Store at -20°C
Shipping: Frozen (Dry Ice)
Format A: Frozen
Species Reactivity: All
Downloads: CoA (pdf)
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FBS - Heat Inactivated Preferred Fetal Bovine Serum

Our preferred FBS is being introduced with a bang. We are so confident in the results that we are offering this FBS at $199 per 500 ml bottle. Please take a look at the CoA before ordering.  

Our FBS is manufactured in a fully integrated environment from raw material collection to finished product. It is produced to the highest standards in order to reduce risk and product variability, and to ensure product safety and performance.

Our Preferred FBS features:

  • Triple 0.1 μm Filtered.
  • Free of Virus and Mycoplasma.

Our Preferred FBS is excellent for general cell culturing, cell lines, and applications. 

Contact Max at or (913) 706-1060 with any questions.

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