Neuromics is pleased to offer a selection of Calbindin-1 antibodies that are perfect for reserach across a wide variety of areas. These research proven antibodies are some of our most popular antibodies in part because of their flexibility. Our Callbindin antibodies can be used for western blotting, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence.

Image: Adult mouse cortex (L) and cerebellum (R) sections were stained with MO22163 in red. Calbindin is expressed in a subset of interneurons in the cortex (L) and prominently expressed in the dendrites of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum molecular layer (R).

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
CalbindinCH22118Chicken IgYHuman, Mouse, Rat, BovineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$325.00
CalbindinMO22146Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, PorcineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$325.00
CalbindinMO20016Mouse IgMHumanIHC100 ug$175.00
CalbindinMO22163Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Bovine, PorcineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$325.00
Calbindin D-28KRA24427Rabbit IgGMouse, RatIHC, IF100 ul$440.00

Image: Adult rat brain cortex sections were stained with our polyclonal chicken Calbindin antibody (CH22118) and monoclonal mouse Fox3/NeuN antibody (MO22112).