Neuromics fetal bovine serum continues to demonstrate it’s reliability and variability when culturing cells. We claim that our Premium USA Origin FBS (cat.# FBS001) can “be used to culture all cell types,” which continues to be proven in published research from our customers.

Last week, researchers from the Central South University in China published Osteoarthritis (OA) research using our premium FBS. Our FBS was used to enrich media to culture human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). This is the first research to show success using our FBS to culture hMSCs.

Image: Immunostaining analysis of levels of Col2A1 and Aggrecan in transfected cells, cultured with our FBS.

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The researchers wanted to explore the role of long non-coding RNA CIR in chondrogenic differentiation, which has been implicated in OA. To do this, they analyzed hMSCs, cultured using our FBS, and followed their differentiation into chondrocytes. They found that knockdown of lncRNA CIR led to an overexpression of ATOH8 and promoted chondrogenic differentiation. Meanwhile, lncRNA CIR bound to EZH2 and repressed ATOH8 expression, leading to a decrease in chondrogenic differentiation. These finding could spark potential avenues for OA treatment.

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