Cluster of Differentiation proteins are a collection of cell surface molecules with many members. Cluster of Differentiation proteins have been shown to be pivotal to both cancer research and immune response research. Now, if you're looking to use CD antibodies in your research, it's your lucky day! Neuromics has just added 13 CD antibodies to the website.

Image: Immunohistochemistry staining of MO47044 on human tonsil tissue.

To access the complete list of CD antibodies offered by Neuromics, click the link. 

Check out the new antibodies below...

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)MO47049Mouse IgMHumanIHC0.5 ml$309.00
CD15/Leu-M1MO47020Mouse IgGHumanIHC0.5 ml$309.00
CD2 (Cluster of Differentiation 2)MO47017Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$309.00
CD45/LCA (Leukocyte Common Antigen)MO47025Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$309.00
CD45RMO47042Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$309.00
CD56/NCAM (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule)MO47043Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$309.00
CD71 (Cluster of Differentiation 71)/TfR1 (Transferrin Receptor Protein 1)MO47070Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$309.00
E-Cadherin (Epithelial Cadherin)/Cadherin-1/CD324MO47027Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$309.00
LAG3 (Lymphocyte-Activation Gene 3)/CD223 (Cluster of Differentiation 223)MO47067Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ul$309.00
OX40/CD134/TNFRSF4MO47051Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ul$309.00
PD-1 (Programmed Death 1)/CD279 (Cluster of Differentiation 279)MO47019Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$309.00

Image: Immunohistochemistry staining of MO47019 on human colon tissue

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