These models are designed to study specific diseases. There are configured to mimic in-vivolike environments. We provide the cultured cells plates with 3-D inserts. The 3-D environments are optimized for cell growth in 3-D and ready to use for your drug discovery and toxicology assays.

  • Cells used in the 3D model are all human cells; results obtained are more relevant to human situations rather than those data from animal models, i.e. CAM et al.
  • The whole process can be monitored (from cell inoculation to the end of experiment), therefore, more crucial information can be acquired at multiple time points from a single experiment.
  • No need to perform post-experimental staining for endothelial markers, this is particularly important, if those markers are changed in experimental conditions involved in the studies.

All models are prepared and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified environment and ISO 5 cleanroom.

Human BBB is available only to US customers 

Product Highlights:

3-D Angiogenesis Model-Cells in 3-D Culture.

A demonstration of how to measure TEER. Shown using a control plate.