Our Collagel Hydrogels, Nanofibers, and Medical Grade Soluble Collagen can take your cell based assays to the next level. They give you the capabilities to develop 3-D structures and ECMs that more closely mimic in vivo environments. Our comprehensive listing should address most requirements. This includes structures designed to closely represent the actual biological environment of interest.

These cultures promote better cell growth, differentiation and migration and designed to work with many cell types including:  stem cells, cancer cells, progenitors, neurons, glia, astrocytes, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes. 3-D cell assay applications include the study of cellular functionality, morphology, protein/gene expression and drug interaction/toxicology in vitro.

We are pleased to announced addition of Medical Grade Soluble Collagen. They comply  international standards such as:

  • ISO 13485 and ISO 22442. 
  • Manufacturing our medical devices in GMP conforming Class B and C clean rooms with Class A dispensing.
  • FDA-approved viral inactivation studies to warrant the safety.