It's always great to hear from our clients and see the data that is being generated using our products. The following are examples of data being generated from people like you using Neuromics' products. 

Rat DRGs stained with VR1 antibody (cat# RA10110). The tissue was perfused, cryoprotected in 30% Sucrose-PBS and frozen sectioned to slides at 10um.  The tissue was labeled with VR1 (green) at 1:1000 and NeuN (red) at 1:1000.  This pictures was taken with an epifluorescent microscope at 10x. Thanks to Joanne Steinauer at University of California, San Diego for sharing

Neuromics DRGs (embryonic dorsal root ganglia, cat no. PC35115). These cells were cultured on coverslips and then infected with herpes simplex virus type I. The virus has an mCherry fluorescent protein tag on the capsid shell as you can see visualized in the photo on the right. Thank you Austin for sharing. 

"These neurons were super susceptible to HSV-1 and gave us some of the best images of HSV-1 nuclear rim formation our lab as ever seen :)" - Austin

If you have any data you've generated that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Receive a 50 USD Amazon gift card for eligible data. Please contact for more details or questions.