Neuromics is always adding cell types and lines that offer researchers the prospect of advancing their research. This week, we're pleased to add some new cells that will surely draw the interest of diabetes researchers and others.

Neuromics has just introduced Insulin Secreting Human Fibroblast Pancreatic Islet Cells (cat. HPF002). These cells were derived from Human Pancreatic Islet Cells before being transformed with the ability to be passaged at least 5 times.  

These cells perfectly complement the other tools we have available for diabetes researchers, including our endothelial cell types (especially our retinal), epithelial cells, and much more. We also have a section of antibodies and recombinant proteins with applications in diabetes research.

Image: SNHG16 subcellular distribution in Neuromics hRMECs under low-glucose or high-glucose conditions while researching diabetic retinopathy.

We encourage you to read more to check out all our fibroblast cell types.

In addition to being the most recent diabetes research tool, these cells are also the newest member of our ever-growing fibroblast options. We are now supplying cancer associated fibroblasts, normal fibroblasts, and these insulin secreting fibroblasts. Check them all out below. 

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Human Breast CAFsCAF116Human Primary CAFsHumanCell Assays1,000,000 cells$2,586.00
Human Colon Fibroblast CellsHCF001Primary CellsHumanCell Assays500,000 cells$1,079.00
Human Colorectal Tumor CAFsCAF115Human Primary CAFsHumanCell Assays1,000,000 cells$1,199.00
Human Lung Adenocarcinoma CAFsCAF117Human Primary CAFsHumanCell Assays1,000,000 cells$1,199.00
Human Lung Fibroblast CellsHLF001Primary CellsHumanCell Assays500,000 Cells$1,079.00
Human Pancreatic CAF-Stellate CellsCAF118Primary CellsHumanCell Assays1,000,000 Cells$2,460.00
Human Pancreatic Fibroblast CellsHPF001Primary CellsHumanCell Assays500,000 Cells$1,079.00
Insulin Secreting Human Fibroblast Pancreatic Islet CellsHPF002Primary CellsHumanCell Assays500,00 Cells$2,495.00