Through the end of February, our Premium Imported Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is on sale, starting at only $299 per 500 ml bottle, with further discounts available for bulk orders.

Our premium FBS is the highest quality FBS we manufacture, making it ideal for culturing all cell types, including the most sensitive lines of cells. Additionally, our FBS is manufactured in a fully integrated environment, ensuring product safety and performance while limiting variability and risk.

Premium FBS Features:

  • Endotoxin levels : ≤10 EU/mL
  • Triple 0.1 μm Filtered
  • Free of Virus and Mycoplasma

In addition to our Premium Imported FBS, Neuromics offers many other FBS products. All of our FBS products are also available heat-inactivated. Learn more and request a sample here: 


Our premium imported FBS is research proven. Last month, researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center used our FBS in their research on cancer-associated cachexia (Check out the publication here).

Contact David at if you have questions or are interested in ordering.


Image: Primary mouse vascular smooth muscle cells stained with smooth muscle alpha actin in DMEM with Neuromics 10% FBS. Data courtesy of Deng-Fu Guo, University of Iowa.



  1. Spas Dimitrov Markov, Daisy Gonzalez, and Kamiya Mehla. (2020). Preclinical Models for Studying the Impact of Macrophages on Cancer Cachexia.  Current Protocols in Pharmacology, 91(1). doi: 10.1002/cpph.80