Nothing validates the quality and reliability of a product like a customer citation referencing its use. For this reason, Neuromics loves to highlight the discoveries made with our products, especially when it is the first time a reagent is cited.

The club of human primary cells with published results has become quite large, with many of our endothelial cells, cells for neuroscience research, and cancer cells already included (see for yourself). And last month, our Immortalized Human Brain Microglia Cells (cat. HBMCs001) finally joined the group of human cells with proven results.

Image: Immortalized Human Microglia in culture. Grown using Alpha-glia Expansion Medium (cat. AGEM-001).

Investigators from Wichita State University used our human microglia, along with our Alpha-Glia Expansion Medium (cat. AGME-001), in spinal cord injury research. The scientists assessed the gene expression of the microglia cultured on soy protein-collagen hybrid scaffolds vs. collagen scaffolds. We encourage you to check out the full publication here to learn more.

In other cell news, in case you missed it, Neuromics released seven new human cancer associated fibroblast (CAF) cell types last month. Building on our previously existing selection of breast, colorectal, pancreatic, and lung adenocarcinoma CAFs, we've introduced liver, prostate, ovarian, metastatic ovarian, lung squamous cell, kidney, and bronchial CAFs. Explore our last blog post to learn more.