We continue to add new antibodies. Many are additions to our frequently used and widely published Neuron-Glial Markers. All our products are tested, characterized and research ready.

Image: Immunofluorescent analysis of cortical neuron-glial cell culture from E20 rat stained with mouse mAb to GAP43, MO22170, dilution 1:1,000, in red, and costained with chicken pAb to MAP2, dilution 1:10,000, in green. The blue is DAPI staining of nuclear DNA. GAP43 antibody labels protein expressed in the axonal membrane of the neuronal cells, while the MAP2 antibody stains dendrites and perikarya of neurons.

Check out our new antibodies...

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
14-3-3 gamma (HS23)MO25012Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Bovine, ZebrafishWB100 ul$285.00
14-3-3 gamma (KC21)MO25013Mouse IgGHumanWB100 ul$285.00
5T4GT15239Sheep IgGMouseICC, WB, E, FC100 ug$365.00
Activin RIIAGT15149Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
ADAM10 (Human)GT15078Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
ADAM15RA21008Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
AKR1B10 (Aldo-Keto Reductase Family 1 Member B10)MO47040Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$229.00
ALDH1L1RA22119Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, IF100 ul$295.00
Aldolase CMO22156Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Porcine, EquineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
ANXA1 (Annexin A1)MO47023Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
AP-2 AlphaRA18023Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, IHC, IP100 ul$387.00
ARCRA15042Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ug$365.00
Arginase-1MO47024Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP)RA21009Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, IHC, IF50 ug$275.00
Aurora A KinaseMO22158Mouse IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
Aurora A/BMO22159Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Porcine, EquineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
Aurora A/B KinaseMO22160Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 µl$295.00
Aurora B KinaseMO22161Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 µl$295.00
BACE1RA21010Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
BADRA15050Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$295.00
Bcl-10RA25031Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$285.00
Bcl-2GT15194Goat IgGHuman, MouseWB, IHC, IP100 ug$405.00
Bcl-wGT15196Goat IgGHuman, MouseIHC100 ug$365.00
Bmi1RA25083Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Primate, Chicken, Rabbit, Bovine, Cat, ZebrafishICC, WB, IF100 ul$265.00
BMP-2/4GT15053Goat IgGHuman, RatICC, WB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
BMP-3MO15038Mouse IgGHumanWB, E500 ug$355.00
BMP-4MO15134Mouse IgGHuman, PrimateWB100 ug$339.00
BMP-5GT15054Goat IgGHuman, RatICC, WB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
BMP-6GT15167Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
BMP-7MO15079Mouse IgGHuman, RatIHC100 ug$89.00
BMP-7MO15079Mouse IgGHuman, RatIHC500 ug$659.00
BMP-8GT15161Goat IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC, E, IP, FC100 ug$365.00
BRAF35RA19027Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$190.00
BRCA1MO25029Mouse IgGHumanWB100 ul$285.00
BRCAA1RA19028Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ug$190.00
Brg1GT15244Goat IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB100 ug$365.00
c-FosMO22162Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
c-JunRA18019Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, IHC, IP100 ul$332.00
c-JunSP15102Sheep IgGHumanWB100 ug$265.00
c-JunSP15102Sheep IgGHumanWB50 ug$175.00
c-Kit/CD117RA14132Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatIHC, FC, IF100 ul$350.00
c-MycRA25085Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IF100 ul$355.00
C-Reactive Protein (Human)GT15084Sheep IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
C-Reactive Protein (Mouse)GT15090Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
C-Reactive Protein (Rat)MO15033Mouse IgGRatWB, IHC, E500 ug$355.00
CADM4GT41018Goat IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, E100 ug$299.00
CalretininMO20024Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$155.00
CaMKIIRA18006Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB100 ul$387.00
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)MO47049Mouse IgMHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
Carnosine Dipeptidase 1MO15144Mouse IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IP100 ug$319.00
Caspase-10/b-Flice 2RA15047Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseWB100 ug$275.00
Caspase-12RA15048Rabbit IgGMouse, RatWB100 ug$315.00
Caspase-3GT15044Goat IgGHumanWB, IP100 ug$345.00
Caspase-3MO15136Mouse IgGHumanWB100 ug$319.00
Caspase-3 (C terminal region)RA21011Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
Caspase-3 (N terminal region)RA21012Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ug$285.00
Caspase-3, activeRA15046Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, IHC50 ug$255.00
Caspase-7MO25036Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ul$275.00
Caspase-7MO15132Mouse IgGHuman, MouseWB100 ug$359.00
Caspase-8MO15137Mouse IgGHumanWB100 ug$319.00
Caspase-9GT15045Goat IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC100 ul$345.00
Cathepsin B (Human)GT15046Goat IgGHumanWB, E100 ug$365.00
Cathepsin B (Mouse)GT15047Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Cathepsin DGT15042Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, IP100 ug$365.00
Cathepsin FMO15096Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, IP500 ug$355.00
Cathepsin GMO20021Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$125.00
Cathepsin L (Human)GT15048Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$345.00
Cathepsin L (Mouse)GT15049Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Cathepsin OGT15197Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, IP100 ug$365.00
Cathepsin SGT15198Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, IP100 ug$365.00
Cathepsin VGT15199Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
CCK A ReceptorRA15049Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC50 ug$245.00
CCR5MO15077Mouse IgGHumanIHC, FC100 ug$325.00
CD15/Leu-M1MO47020Mouse IgGHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
CD2 (Cluster of Differentiation 2)MO47017Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
CD31/PECAM-1GT15190Sheep IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
CD34/HPCA1MO18004Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$332.00
CD44 (Cluster of Differentiation 44)MO47055Mouse IgGHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
CD45MO18005Mouse IgGHumanIHC400 ul$275.00
CD45/LCA (Leukocyte Common Antigen)MO47025Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
CD45RMO47042Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
CD56/NCAM (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule)MO47043Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
CD57/NK1/B3GAT1MO47044Mouse IgGHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
CD71 (Cluster of Differentiation 71)/TfR1 (Transferrin Receptor Protein 1)MO47070Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
CDR2RA25048Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Primate, BovineWB, IHC100 ul$285.00
CDX2MO47061Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
CEACAM-1/CD66aMO15123Mouse IgGHumanWB, E500 ug$659.00
Ceramide KinaseRA25060Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$285.00
Chordin-Like 2/CHRDL2MO15143Rat IgGMouseWB, IHC, IP100 ug$319.00
CK18 (Cytokeratin 18)MO47021Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
CK19 (Cytokeratin 19)MO47022Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Clusterin/Apolipoprotein JRA47000Rabbit IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Collagen IVMO47018Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$219.00
COX-2 (Cyclooxygenase-2)MO47062Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
CREBMO18006Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, FC, IF100 ul$332.00
CriptoRA25057Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$285.00
Cripto1RA25091Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, FC, IF100 ul$295.00
CSF1 (Colony Stimulating Factor 1)RA21013Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
CSF1 (Colony Stimulating Factor 1)RA21014Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
CTGF/CCN2 C-TerminusMO15139Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$339.00
CXCL8/IL-8GT15156Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
CXCR1/IL-8 RAMO15072Mouse IgGHumanIHC, FC100 ug$89.00
CXCR1/IL-8 RAMO15072Mouse IgGHumanIHC, FC500 ug$659.00
CXCR2/IL-8 RBMO15073Mouse IgGHumanIHC, FC, NB100 ug$325.00
CXCR4MO15022Mouse IgGHumanIHC, FC100 ug$325.00
Cyclin E1RA19035Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$175.00
Cyclin E2RA19036Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$175.00
CYR61RA25061Rabbit IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC100 ul$445.00
Desert HedgehogGT15067Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Desert Hedgehog/Dhh N-TerminusMO15135Rat IgGMouseWB500 ug$429.00
Desmoglein-3MO47066Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Dkk-1GT30000Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E50 ug$365.00
Dkk-2GT15222Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
DOG-1MO47045Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
E-Cadherin (Epithelial Cadherin)/Cadherin-1/CD324MO47027Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
EGFMO15063Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$275.00
Endoglin/CD105GT15247Goat IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, FC100 ug$365.00
Endomorphin-2RA21015Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, IHC, IF50 ug$235.00
EndostatinGT15068Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$345.00
Enolase 1 (alpha-Enolase)MO22153Mouse IgGRatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
EpCAM (Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule)/Epithelial Specific AntigenMO47063Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
ERK3-MAPK6MO15120Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$255.00
EWSR1MO22168Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Dog, EquineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$275.00
Factor Inhibiting HIF-1/FIHRA25046Rabbit IgGMouse, RatICC, WB, IHC100 ul$385.00
FAS (CD95)MO15010Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$89.00
FAS (CD95)MO15010Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC50 ug$49.00
FAS (CD95)MO15010Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC500 ug$325.00
FAS Ligand (CD95L)GT15226Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, NB100 ug$375.00
FAS Ligand (CD95L)RA30043Mouse IgGMouse, RatWB, IHC50 ug$435.00
FGF-2MO27001Mouse IgMHumanWB, E, IP500 ug$395.00
Fibronectin (FN1)MO47047Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
FosBGT15126Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
FosBMO15054Mouse IgGHuman, MouseWB100 ug$255.00
FOXE1GT41017Goat IgGHumanIHC, E100 ug$310.00
Fractalkine(CX3CL1)GT15024Goat IgGMouse, RatWB, IHC100 ug$365.00
Frizzled 4/CD344GT15217Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Frizzled 7RA30031Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseIHC50 ug$435.00
FrkMO15104Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ug$255.00
Galectin-3 (LGAS3)MO22119Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, BovineWB, IHC, IF100 ul$225.00
Galectin-3 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyRA22131Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IF100 ul$295.00
GAPDHMO25038Mouse IgMHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Bovine, PorcineWB, IHC100 ul$285.00
GastrinRA21016Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, IHC, IF50 ug$275.00
GATA-1GT15089Goat IgGHumanWB, E100 ug$365.00
GATA-1MO15035Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$255.00
GATA-2GT15099Goat IgGHumanICC, WB100 ug$365.00
GATA3MO47046Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
GDF-3GT15176Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
GLP-1RMO15142Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$339.00
GLP-2RMO15140Mouse IgGHumanIHC, FC100 ug$319.00
GLUT1 (Glucose Transporter Type I)/SCL2A1MO47056Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Glypican-3 (GLP3)MO47069Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
GPR49RA25071Rabbit IgGHumanICC, IHC, FC, IF100 ul$315.00
Green Fluorescent ProteinCH22124Chicken IgYNot ApplicableWB, IHC, IF100 ul of 1 mg/ml$295.00
Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)MO22190Mouse IgMNot ApplicableICC, WB, IF100 ul$275.00
hADNPRA19026Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseWB100 ul$195.00
Hairy Cell LeukemiaMO47030Mouse IgMHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
HES-1GT15172Goat IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
HGFGT15204Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, NB100 ug$365.00
HIF-1 alphaRA25066Rabbit IgGHuman, PrimateWB100 ul$325.00
HIF-2 alpha BiotinMO25044BMouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ul$345.00
High-mobility group protein B1/HMGP1MO22134Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Porcine, Multiple MammalianWB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
HMB-45 (Human Melanoma Black)MO47064Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
HSPA9B (mitochondrial Hsp70)RA30024Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$599.00
IDH1 R132HMO47004Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
IGF-I R/CD221MO15074Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$155.00
IGF-I R/CD221MO15074Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC500 ug$659.00
IGF-I R/CD221-Fluorescein LabeledFC15010Mouse IgGHuman, RatFC100 Tests$305.00
IGF1R (Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor 1)RA21017Rabbit IgGMouseICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
IGFBP-3MO15075Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC500ug$659.00
IGFBP-4GT15158Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
IGFBP-5GT15183Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
IGFBP-5MO15091Mouse IgGMouseWB, E100 ug$89.00
IGFBP-5MO15091Mouse IgGMouseWB, E500 ug$355.00
IL-1 alpha/IL-F1GT15101Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
IL-1 beta (Mouse)GT15102Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
IL-1 R1/CD121aGT15109Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
IL-10MO15147Mouse IgGHumanWB100 ug$275.00
IL-10 R alphaGT15185Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
IL-2MO15069Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$89.00
IL-2MO15069Mouse IgGHumanIHC500 ug$659.00
IL-2 (Rat)GT15155Goat IgGRatWB, IHC100 ug$365.00
IL-2 R alpha/CD35MO15070Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$275.00
IL-4MO15071Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$89.00
IL-4MO15071Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E500 ug$659.00
IL-6 (Mouse)GT15103Goat IgGMouseE, NB100 ug$365.00
IL-6 (Rat)GT15106Goat IgGRatWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Insulysin/IDEGT15174Goat IgGHumanWB, E, IP100 ug$365.00
Insulysin/IDEMO15081Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, FC100 ug$255.00
JARID2RA25095Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IP, IF100 ul$295.00
Kallikrein 10GT15096Goat IgGHumanWB, E100 ug$365.00
Kallikrein 11GT15082Goat IgGHumanWB, E, IP100 ug$345.00
Kallikrein 11MO15030Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$89.00
Kallikrein 5/KLK5/KLKL2MO15028Mouse IgGHumanWB, E, IP100 ug$89.00
Kallikrein 5/KLK5/KLKL2MO15028Mouse IgGHumanWB, E, IP50 ug$49.00
Kallikrein 5/KLK5/KLKL2MO15028Mouse IgGHumanWB, E, IP500 ug$355.00
Kallikrein 5/KLK5/KLKL2RA19046Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
Kallikrein 6/KLK6/NeurosinGT15097Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, IP100 ug$365.00
Kallikrein 8/KLK8/NeuropsinMO15032Goat IgGHumanWB, E100 ug$89.00
Kallikrein 8/KLK8/NeuropsinMO15032Goat IgGHumanWB, E500 ug$355.00
Kappa (NFKB1)MO47031Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
KBA 62/Melanoma Associated AntigenMO47032Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
KDR (Kinase Insert Domain Receptor)RA21018Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
Ki67RA25039Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, PorcineICC, IHC, IF100 ul$350.00
Ki67MO22178Mouse IgGHumanICC, WB, IF100 ug$295.00
Ki67MO47005Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
KLK-3 (PSA)RA19044Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
KLK-L1RA19045Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
KLK-L3 (KLK9)RA19047Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
KLK-L4RA19048Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
KLK12RA19049Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
KLK14RA19050Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
Kos1RA19032Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$190.00
LAG3 (Lymphocyte-Activation Gene 3)/CD223 (Cluster of Differentiation 223)MO47067Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ul$229.00
LamininRA25038Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ul$275.00
Laminin 111RA22121Rabbit IgGMouseICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
LeptinRA21019Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
LewisY Blood Antigen/BG8MO47041Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$229.00
LMO2 (LIM-Only Transcription Factor 2)MO47033Mouse IgGHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
Matrix Metalloproteinase 14 (MMP-14)RA30020Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC, E50 ug$435.00
Matrix Metalloproteinase 24 (MMP-24, MT5-MMP)-HumanRA15045Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$345.00
Matrix Metalloproteinase 24 (MMP-24, MT5-MMP)-HumanRA15045Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC50 ug$89.00
Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9)GT15020Goat IgGMouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, E, IP100 ug$365.00
mCherryMO22192Mouse IgGNot ApplicableICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
MiTF (Microphthalmia-Associated Transcription Factor)MO47034Mouse IgGHumanIHC0.5 ml$229.00
MLH1 (MutL Homolog 1)MO47010Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
MMP1 (Matrix Mellatopeptidase 1), N terminal regionRA21020Rabbit IgGMouseICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ug$285.00
MMP2 (Matrix Mellatopeptidase 2), C terminal regionRA21021Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ug$285.00
MMP9 (Matrix Mellatopeptidase 9), N terminal regionRA21022Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ug$235.00
MSH2 (MutS Homolog 2)MO47026Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
MSH6 (MutS Homolog 6)MO47011Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
mTORRA25087Rabbit IgGHuman, RatICC, IP, IF100 ug$425.00
MUC5ACMO47012Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Myelin Basic Protein (MBP)MO22189Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Porcine, EquineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$275.00
Myogenin (Myogenic Factor 4)/MYOGMO47054Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
NABC1RA19031Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$190.00
NanogMO47013Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
NCAM-L1/CD171GT15143Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Neprilysin/CD10MO15015Mouse IgGHuman, MouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$89.00
Neprilysin/CD10MO15015Mouse IgGHuman, MouseWB, IHC, E500 ug$325.00
Netrin-1CH23002Chicken IgYHuman, MouseICC, WB, IHC100 ul$99.00
Netrin-4 (NTN4)RA21023Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
Neurofibrillary TanglesRA19077Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$295.00
Neurofilament alpha-internexin/NF66MO25017Mouse IgGHuman, RatICC, WB, IF500 ul$275.00
Neurofilament NF-LRA22138Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, PorcineICC, WB, IF100 ul$295.00
Neurofilament NF-LMO22193Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, PorcineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
Neurofilament NF-LMO22194Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Porcine, EquineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE)CH22126Chicken IgYHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul of serum$275.00
NeurotensinRA21024Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$275.00
NKX3.1RA19037Rabbit IgGMouse, RatWB100 ug$225.00
Nop30/Apoptosis Repressor with CARDRA14126Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB50 ul$95.00
NORE1RA19038Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ug$225.00
Notch1RA19069Rabbit IgGHuman, RatIHC100 ul$215.00
Notch2GT15124Goat IgGRatWB, IHC, E, FC100 ug$365.00
Notch3RA19070Rabbit IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC100 ug$215.00
NucleosteminGT15050Goat IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, E100 ug$365.00
OCT-4/POU5F1MO47035Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Olig1,2,3MO15059Mouse IgGHuman, RatIHC100 ug$315.00
Olig2GT15132Goat IgGHuman, MouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Olig2RA25081Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IP100 ul$395.00
Omi/HtrA2MO15078Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$255.00
OsteopontinMO25049Mouse IgGHuman, Rat, RabbitICC, WB, IHC, IP, IF100 ul$339.00
OX40/CD134/TNFRSF4MO47051Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ul$229.00
p11 (Calpactin I Light Chain / Annexin II)CH14101Chicken IgYRatIHC100 ul$250.00
P16INK4AMO47002Mouse IgGHumanIF100 ul$149.00
p21/Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1MO47036Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
P2Y2RA14103Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ul$395.00
p40MO47057Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ul$229.00
p504s/AMACR (α-Methylacyl Coenzyme A Racemase)MO47014Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
p53/Tumor Protein 53MO47028Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
p63 (Tumor Protein p63)MO47058Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ul$229.00
p95/NBS1RA25069Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseWB, IHC100 ul$325.00
pan Akt/KinaseBMO15107Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, E, FC100 ug$295.00
PAP (Prostatic Acid Phosphatase)CH23019Chicken IgYMouse, RatIHC200 ul$315.00
PARCRA30040Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, E50 ug$435.00
ParkinRA18014Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IP100 ul$387.00
Parkin-2GT15043Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Parkin-2GT15043Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E50 ug$89.00
Patched homolog 1 (PTCH1)MO15102Rat IgGMouse, RatWB, IHC, E, IF100 ug$255.00
Patched homolog 2 (PTCH2)GT15215Rabbit IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC, E, FC100 ug$365.00
Patched tumor suppressor gene (PTCH)RA19021Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseWB100 ug$225.00
Pax 7MO15020Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, ChickenICC, IHC100 ug$295.00
PAX-5MO47037Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
PAX-8MO47029Mouse IgGWB100 ul$229.00
PD-1 (Programmed Death 1)/CD279 (Cluster of Differentiation 279)MO47019Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
PD-ECGFGT15181Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
PDGF R Beta/CD140BGT15065Goat IgGMouseWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
PDGF-CGT15151Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
PDX1/IPF1GT15187Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
PeripherinCH22111Chicken IgYHuman, Mouse, Rat, CatIHC100 ul$245.00
PeripherinCH23016Chicken IgYHuman, MouseIHC200 ul$315.00
phosphoERK1/2RA15002Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ug$325.00
phosphoERK1/2 (Rabbit MAb)MO15027Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ug$295.00
Pin-1CH22110Chicken IgYHumanICC, WB, IF100 ul$295.00
PMS2 (Postmeiotic Segregation Increased 2)MO47015Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
PodoplaninMO47016Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
PRAC ProteinRA19039Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$190.00
Presenilin 1GT15027Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
Presenilin 1RA18020Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, IP200 ul$332.00
Presenilin 2RA18004Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateICC, WB, IHC, IP100 ul$387.00
Prominin 2MO15051Mouse IgGHumanICC, FC100 ug$315.00
ProsteinRA19041Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
PSAP (Prostatic Specific Acid Phosphatase)/PAPMO47053Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
PSDR1RA19040Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$190.00
PTEN-induced kinase/PINK1RA19013Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseWB, IHC100 ul$199.00
PUMARA19056Rabbit IgGMouseWB100 ul$245.00
ROBO1GT15144Goat IgGRatWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
S-100MO47059Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
S100BGT15160Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
SALL4 (Sal-Like Protein 4)MO47050Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ug$229.00
SecretagoginRA22122Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$295.00
Secretagogin Polyclonal Chicken AntibodyCH22121Chicken IgYHuman, Mouse, Rat, BovineICC, WB, IF100 ug$295.00
Serpin A3MO15082Mouse IgGHumanWB, E500 ug$355.00
SHPRHRA19057Rabbit IgGMouseWB100 ul$225.00
SMAD-2RA21025Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$275.00
SMAD1GT15219Goat IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
SMAD3RA30033Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Bovine, PorcineWB, IHC, E50 ug$435.00
SMAD5GT15192Goat IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
SnailGT15245Goat IgGHumanICC, WB, IP100 ug$365.00
SOD1/Cu-Zn SODMO15141Mouse IgGHumanICC, WB100 ug$319.00
SomatostatinRA21026Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, IHC, IF50 ug$275.00
Somatostatin Receptor-1-SSTR1RA25004Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, IHC100 ul$255.00
Somatostatin Receptor-2-SSTR2MO15109Mouse IgGHumanICC, IHC, FC100 ug$299.00
Somatostatin Receptor-2-SSTR2RA25005Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ul$255.00
SOX-10MO47006Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$229.00
SOX-2/SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2MO47038Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
SOX2GT15098Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug.$375.00
SOX2MO15040Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ug$295.00
SOX2RA25021Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IHC100 ul$275.00
SPNS2 (Spingolipid Transporter 2)MO47048Mouse IgGHumanIHC, E100 ug$229.00
SRY (Sex Determining Region Y)-Box 11/SOX-11MO47052Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
SSEA3RA25027Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IP, FC100 ul$275.00
Stathmin/Metablastin/Oncoprotein 18MO47065Mouse IgGHumanICC, E0.5 ml$229.00
SynaptophysinMO20000Mouse IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC100 ul$175.00
Synaptophysin (SYP)RA21027Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
TAG-72 (Tumor-Associated Glycoprotein 72)MO47008Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
TauMO47000Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
TauMO22191Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$275.00
TCF4 (C48H11)RA18032Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, ChickenWB, IP100 ul$332.00
TCF4 (C9b9)RA18033Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IP, IF100 ul$332.00
TERE1RA19042Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$190.00
TGF betaMO20012Mouse IgMHumanIHC100 ul.$150.00
TGF-beta3GT15074Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E, NB100 ug$365.00
ThyroglobulinMO47009Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
TIE1GT15147Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
TIE2GT15148Goat IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
TIM3 (T-Cell Immunoglobulin)/HAVCR2MO47039Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
TNF alphaGT15113Goat IgGMouseICC, WB, IHC, E100 ug$365.00
TNFRSF1 (Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 1A), N terminal regionRA21029Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
TP63/TP73LGT15189Goat IgGHumanICC, WB, E100 ug$365.00
Transcription Factor E3 (TFE3)MO47007Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$229.00
Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) beta 1, middle regionRA21028Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
TrkAFC15012Mouse IgGHuman, RatFC100 Tests$305.00
Trp-p8RA19043Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$250.00
TRPA1RA25013Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$285.00
TRPM6 (Chak2)GP14108Guinea Pig IgGMouse, RatIHC100 ul$295.00
TTF-1 (Thyroid Transcription Factor 1)MO47060Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$229.00
Tyrosine HydroxylaseRA21030Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF50 ug$345.00
UbiquitinMO18001Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, IHC100 ul$332.00
Ubiquitin+1MO15045Mouse IgGHumanWB500 ug$355.00
Ubiquitin+1RA15043Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB, IHC100 ug$365.00
Ubiquitin+1MO15138Mouse IgGHumanWB500 ug$429.00
URP1RA19033Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ug$250.00
VEGFMO15067Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E100 ug$89.00
VEGFMO15067Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC, E500 ug$659.00
VEGF R2 (FLK1/KDR)RA25011Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatIHC100 ul$139.00
VEGF R2 (FLK1/KDR)RA25011Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatIHC500 ul$430.00
VEGF-DRA26005Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, RabbitWB, IHC100 ul$375.00
Wnt1 Inducible Signaling Pathway Protein 3/WISP3RA30026Rabbit IgGHumanIHC, E50 ug$435.00
Wnt10aRA30027Rabbit IgGHumanIHC50 ug$435.00
Wnt2bRA30030Rabbit IgGHumanIHC50 ug$435.00
Wnt5bRA30025Rabbit IgGHumanIHC50 ug$435.00
Wnt8aRA30029Rabbit IgGHumanIHC50 ug$435.00
WWOXRA19025Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IP100 ug$250.00
XIAPMO15133Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$319.00
XIAP Associated Factor-1RA30009Rabbit IgGHumanWB, IHC50 ug$425.00
ZIC1GT15242Goat IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IHC100 ug$365.00
ZIC3GT15241Sheep IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB100 ug$365.00

Image: Immunofluorescent analysis of (A) C6 rat glioma cells and (B) Human embryonic kidney cells stained with mouse mAb to fibrillarin, MO22169, dilution 1:1,000 in red, in both cases costained with chicken pAb to vimentin, CH22108, dilution 1:10,000 in green. The blue is DAPI staining of nuclear DNA.