Antibodies that are ideal Neuron/Synapse, Astrocytes, Glia, Microglia, Olidogodendrocytes, and Progenitors and Schwann Cell Markers.

Image: GFAP (Catalog#: CH22102) Staining of of Astrocytes in the Ventral horn and Funiculus of Adult Rat Spinal Cord (Dilution 1:500). Courtesy of Dr. Qi-lin L. Cao, University of Louisville School of Medicine. Rat spinal cord homogenate showing the major intermediate filament proteins of the nervous system (lane 1). The remaining lanes show blots of this material stained with various antibodies including: NF-H (CH22104), NF-M (CH22106), NF-L (CH22105), NF66 (CH22101) and GFAP (CH22102).