Neuromics has an extensive offering of Human Fibroblast, Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFS) and Cancer Cells. These cells are derived from the gastro-intestinal (GI cells), lungs (bronchial cells), ovaries (ovarian cells), pancreas (pancreatic cells), prostate and more. Cancer cells also include prostate and glioblastoma cells.

These cells have been used to study wound healing, cancer (metastasis), cellular senescence, fibrosis, regeneration, drug screening and toxicology, genetics, and the extracellular matrix.

They are widely used and published with increasing frequency. The cells have been used for 3-D modeling, and in single and multi-cell assays. Researchers describe them as potent, pure and easy to culture.   

All cells are prepared and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified environment and ISO 5 cleanroom.

Product Highlights:

Image:Treatment of 2D coculture of A549 (red) cells with primary lung CAFs (Green) with 10 μM of FT234 show that the HDAC11 inhibitor selectively reduces the growth of A549 cells as compared to the Control co-cultures in 48 h. Such an effect was not observed in the negative control FT650 treatment.
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