In dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons, ATP is an important neurotransmitter in nociceptive signaling through P2 receptors (P2Rs) such as P2X2/3R, and adenosine is also involved in anti-nociceptive signaling through adenosine A1R.

Check out this publications using our P2X2 Receptor (GP14106) Antibody, where ENNPs interact with P2XRs to metabolize ATP to AMP in DRGs. 

Image: Rat DRG stained with Neuromics P2X2R and ENPP1.


Kentaro Nishida, Yuka Nomura, Kanako Kawamori, Akihiro Ohishi, Kazuki Nagasawa. ATP metabolizing enzymes ENPP1, 2 and 3 are localized in sensory neurons of rat dorsal root ganglion. European Journal of Histochemistry 2018; 62:2877.

Image: P2x2 staining of Cerebellar Purjinke cell layer. ~50 μm sections from 3 brains from P15 rats.;1/41/ra8/DC1/1

Modulating ATP Processing in DRGs could prove a target for pain therapies.