General FAQs

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    1. How can I order a product from Neuromics?

    Products can be purchased directly from the website, but you can also call or email us. Check out our ordering information page for more information.

    2. How do I request a quote from Neuromics?

    If you require a quote, please contact with the product of interest, quantity desired, and research institution/company.

    3. Where do you have distributors?

    Neuromics is pleased to have partners throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Check out our full list of distributors to see what works best for you.

    4. How are your product shipped?

    Shipping conditions vary greatly from product to product. Some products are shipped at ambient temperatures, while other products are shipped on ice packs or dry ice. The product page specifies how the products are to be shipped. All product are shipped FedEx Priority unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Antibodies FAQs

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    1. How should I store my antibody?

    Most antibodies should be stored at -20°C long term and at 2°C-8°C short term. Additionally, it is important to try and limit freeze-thaw cycles of an antibody. However, recommended storage conditions vary depending on the particular antibody, so make sure to check the datasheet under the "storage" section for the most accurate information.

    2. Should I aliquot my antibody?

    We recommend avoid repeat freeze thaw cycles. Often this means you should aliquot out the antibody into smaller sizes depending on how much one typically uses in an experiment. Aliquots should not be smaller than 15 ul, as the antibody can absorb into the surface of the storage vial.  

    3. What is the concentration of the antibody?

    The concentration of antibodies vary by product, so check the datasheet to find the concentration.

    4. Where is the dilution information for the various applications in using my antibody?

    The dilution information can be found on both the product page and the datasheet. These dilutions are estimates, meaning the specific dilution should be adjusted based on results in previous trials.

    5. Where can I find the protocols for the various applications?

    Check the protocols page on our website.

    6. What is the immunogen sequence for the antibody?

    The immunogen sequence can be found on the product page and the datasheet.

    7. With what species will my antibody react?

    This information can also be found on the product page and datasheet. It is possible that the antibody will react with other species with similar sequences, but Neuromics can't ensure successful results. 

Cells/Tissue FAQs

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    Need technical help with your cells? Fill out our technical support questionaire here.

    1. How should I store my cells?

    Cells that have been cryopreserved should be stored in the vapor phase of liquid N2 until ready for use. Storage in a –80°C freezer may be used but is likely to result in diminished cell viability proportional to storage time. Fresh rat and mouse tissue, can be stored for up to 7 days at 4-8°C; however, for best results, plate the cells as soon as possible after receiving cells. Check the product’s datasheet for storage instruction specific to each product.

    2. What media should I use?

    Neuromics recommends certain media for our cells. Check the datasheet to figure out which media you should use.

    3. How do I culture my cells?

    Check the datasheet to find the protocol for culturing your cells. Additionally, there are generalized culturing protocols on our protocol page.