At it's heart, Neuromics is a neuroscience company, featuring a variety of reagents perfect for any neuroscientist. However, the applications of our offerings certainly don't stop there - check out the hundreds of publications to see for yourself. Today, we'd like to highlight the products we have available for cancer researchers.

To start, we'd like to point to some research with repurposed neuroscience tools. Glioblastoma research published last month demonstrates our Primary Human Neurons (cat. HNC001) and Human Brain Astrocytes (cat. HMP202) both have applications in cancer research as well. The researchers used our cells to compare the expression of GPC2 in healthy neurons and astrocytes with cancerous tissue when looking at a potential target for therapy. In addition to our cells, the researchers also used media and other culturing products supplied by Neuromics. Check out the full publication here.

Image: GFP Expressing Human Renal Adenocarcinoma Cells (ACHN)

Read more to learn about some of our core cancer related products...

Cancer Associated Fibroblasts

Our cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs) remain some of our most popular cells. CAFs are closely associated with primary tumor cells and participate in the neoplastic process, making them a therapeutic target. We are currently offering brain, colorectal, lung adenocarcinoma, and pancreatic - stellate cell CAFs. Check them out!

Cancer Antibodies and Proteins

Neuromics is proud to offer an expansive selection of research proven antibodies and proteins that have been used to better understand cancer. Check out the selection and the publications using them.

Human Cancer Cells

We continue to work to expand the selection of cancer cell lines we have available. Currently, we are offering human brain and prostate cancer cells. Additionally, we have an assortment of RFP and GFP expressing cancer cell lines. Check them all out here.