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Catalog Number: 5-4145-001
Applications: Gene Transfer
Type: Expression Vector
Species Reactivity: E. Coli
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The pASG-IBA145 vector allows the expression of Twin-Strep®-/6xHistidine-tag-fusion-proteins in E.coli. The vector carries the inducible tetracycline promoter/operator for the regulated expression of proteins, the Twin-Strep-tag® for N-terminal and the 6xHistidine-tag for C-terminal fusion to the recombinant protein as well as the Ampicillin Resistance cassette. It can be used with any E. coli strain because the tet-promoter works independently from the genetic background of E.coli.

StarGate Acceptor Vector for bacterial expression.

  • The expression cassette is under transcriptional control of the tetracycline promoter/operator.
  • Compatible with any E. coli strain. The tet-promoter works independently from the genetic background of E. coli.
  • The expressed recombinant protein will be localized in the cytoplasm.