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Catalog Number: 5-1608-000
Applications: Targeted Protein Expression
Type: Cloning Sets
Species Reactivity: E. Coli
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The new StarGate Combi Entry Cloning Set allows two types of Entry Cloning with one Set: 1. Entry Cloning of your gene of interest (GOI) into the pENTRY vector resulting in a Donor Vector carrying the inserted GOI. 2. Site-directed mutation of your gene of interest (GOI) by preparing two simple PCR reactions, followed by the cloning of the mutated gene into the pENTRY-IBA vector resulting in a Donor Vector with the mutated GOI The genes from the Donor Vectors can be transferred into a multitude of Acceptor Vectors carrying different tags/promoters for expression in different hosts. Create up to 20 different Donor Vectors with the StarGate Combi Entry Cloning Set.Includes:

  • pENTRY-IBA vector (20 rxn) StarSolution M1, M2, M3 (20 rxn each)
  • Competent E. coli TOP10 cells (20 rxn)
  • For/Rev Sequencing primers
  • DNA ruler
  • Comprehensive manual

Note: To perform the complete StarGate® Cloning procedure, you require one of the Entry Cloning Sets (Standard or Mutagenesis) and StarGate® Transfer Reagent Set. For Fusion Cloning, you additionally require one of the Fusion Cloning Sets.

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