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Catalog Number: PR27318
Type: Protein
Storage: Store at 4°C if entire vial will be used within 2-4 weeks. Store, frozen at -20°C for longer periods of time. For long term storage, it is recommended to add a carrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA). Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
Shipping: Frozen (Polar Packs)
Format A: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human
Entrez: 945
UniProt: P20138
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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CD33 is putative adhesion molecule of myelomonocytic-derived cells which mediates sialic-acid dependent binding to cells. CD33 prefers to bind to alpha-2,6-linked sialic acid. The sialic acid recognition site is masked by cis interactions with sialic acids on the same cell surface. In the immune response, CD33 perform as an inhibitory receptor upon ligand induced tyrosine phosphorylation by recruiting cytoplasmic phosphatases through their SH2 domains which block signal transduction through dephosphorylation of signaling molecules. In addition, CD33 induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia.

CD33 Human Recombinant produced in E.Coli is a single, non-glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 265 amino acids (18-259 a.a) and having a molecular mass of 29.1kDa.

CD33 is fused to a 23 amino acid His-tag at N-terminus & purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.


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