We continue to work to develop pure and stable cultures of primary human cells derived from our commercially available Mesenchymal Derived stem cells; including our human chondrocytes. These cells produce collagen and are critical to proper joint function.  Joint disease and injury often involve defects in collagen production and/or damage to chondrocytes due to inflammation, disease or injury. This makes them excellent for use in the basic research and development  of therapies for diseases of the joint.

  • Human Chondrocytes

    We offer both label and unlabeled cells with the number of cells available ranging from 100,000 to 4,000,000. Our desire is to make it easy to “buy and try”. We also want to have a convenient way to ramp up your assays for higher content and through put screening.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    Native Human Chondrocytes-HCS SC00A7-500 Primary Cells Human Cell Assays 500,000 Cells $655.00