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Catalog Number: 2-1016-005
Type: T-Cell Expansion
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D-Biotin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin (vitamin B7 or vitamin H)

It binds very tightly (irreversibly) to Streptavidin and our developed Strep-Tactin® and therefore allows the efficient elution of Strep-tagged proteins from MagStrep beads and Strep-Tactin Spin columns. If D-Biotin is used for elution it binds irreversible toStrep-Tactin and the resin cannot be regenerated. The use of Biotin is beneficial for applications where a fast and efficient elution is required (MagStrep beads, Spin columns) or when the columns should not be re-used (e.g. Protein co-purification for protein interaction analysis). D-Biotin (not suitable for Strep-tag applications).


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