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Catalog Number: 2-4090-010
Storage: 2 - 8 °C
Shipping: Room Temperature
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Note: IBA Lifesciences has just released a new and improved version of magnetic beads. MagStrep® Strep-Tactin®XT beads (cat. 2-5090-002 & 2-5090-010) offer the same high yield and purity as these beads, but come with a quicker protocol.

(Strep-Tactin® XT coated magnetic beads, 5 % (v/v) suspension)

The beads have a high binding capacity combined with very low non-specific protein binding. Elution can therefore also be performed by boiling in denaturing SDS gel loading buffer instead of using biotin if the isolated protein does not need to be functional.

For native elution a specific elution buffer is required, buffer BXT - biotin elution buffer (2-1042-025).