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Catalog Number: 5-4944-001
Applications: Gene Transfer
Type: Expression Vector
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The pESG-IBA144 vector allows the expression of Twin-Strep®/6xHistidine -tag-fusion-proteins in insect cells. The vector carries the Polyhedrin promoter for high-level expression in insect cells, the BM40 signal for secretion of the recombinant protein, the Twin-Strep-tag® for N-terminal and the 6xHistidine-tag for C-terminal fusion to the recombinant protein. The Co-transfection with BacPAK6 linearized AcMNPV DNA (Clontech) or with circular flashBAC modified AcMNPV DNA (Oxford Expression Technologies) allows the generation of recombinant baculovirus at very high efficiency through reconstitution of an essential gene (ORF 1629) and elimination of wild-type virus to great extent. For selection and propagation in E.coli the vector carries an Ampicillin resistance and ColE1 origin of replication (pUC). The expressed recombinant protein will be secreted into the medium.