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Catalog Number: 5-5123-001
Applications: Gene Transfer
Type: Expression Vector
Species Reactivity: Mammalian
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The pCSG-IBA123 vector allows the high-level expression of GST/Twin-Strep-tag®-fusion-proteins in mammalian hosts under G418 (Geneticin) selection. The vector carries the Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) immediate-early promoter for high-level expression of proteins in a wide range of mammalian cells, the Twin-Strep-tag® for C-terminal and the GST-tag for N-terminal fusion of the recombinant protein. The episomal replication is mediated through the Epstein Barr Virus replication origin (oriP) and nuclear antigen encoded by EBNA-1 in human, primate and canine cells and through SV40 replication origin in cells latently infected with SV40 or that express the SV40 large T antigen (e.g. COS-1, COS-7). For selection and propagation in E.coli the vector carries an Ampicillin resistance and ColE1 origin of replication (pUC). The additional PreScission protease cleavage site allows the removal of the GST-tag. The expressed recombinant protein will be localized in the cytoplasm.