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Catalog Number: PET40B-FLAT
Applications: Cell Culturing System
Type: Petaka Kits
Species Reactivity: Not Applicable
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10 PetakaG3, 4 stands and 40 tips$160.00Add to Cart

Better, faster, cheaper cell culturing. Your cell based assays deserve all three. Imagine you can customize physiological cell conditions that closely resemble their in vivo environments. For example, there have been many studies over the years which have highlighted the problems that come from culturing cells in physiologically excessive O2levels. This results in problems ranging from over-sized cells, mutated DNA, or irregular gene expression. These conditions compromise results. Our PetakaTM cell culturing system removes these conditions raising the probability of successful outcomes. Imagine then being able to maintain, share and ship these cultures at room temperature. This is the PetakaTMAdvantage!


  • 10 units Petaka™G3 FLAT, sterile, self regulated bioreactors that control oxygen in physics, CO2 and evaporation for several weeks, maintaining media environment stable at ambient temperature and the cells alive for long periods of time.
  • 4 units Stands to hold Petakas when handling and incubating Petaka
  • 40 units Luer-lock blunt tips for liquid handling using common syringes or the Volume Dispenser Pump.


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