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Catalog Number: SER001
Applications: IHC, Cell Assays, Cell Culturing System
Type: Cell Growth Media
Storage: Store at -20°C.
Shipping: Frozen (Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen)
Format A: Frozen
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: All
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Chicken Serum is used as a supplement to cell culture media and provides a broad spectrum of macromolecules, carrier proteins for lipoid substances and trace elements, attachment and spreading factors, low molecular weight nutrients, and hormones and growth factors that promote cell growth and health. Be certain to maintain Good Cell Culture Practice, and maintain sterility of cultures that require media supplementation. Chicken Serum is ideal for investigators in Cancer and Cell Biology. This product is sold for use in vitro diagnostic, research, further manufacturing, or technical purposes only, and is not intended for direct use in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

Our New Zealand Chicken Serum is collected fresh. The birds received ante and post-mortem inspections under a veterinarian’s supervision and are free from infectious and contagious diseases. At no time during collection or processing was the material commingled with any other material of animal origin.