Neuromics is Exiting the Antibody Business - Buy Now and Save

After 16 years selling antibodies, Neuromics is in the process of exiting the market, allowing us to increase our focus in other areas. We hope to grow our human cells & tissue, media, and FBS business, along with our auto-filling endeavours that continue to provide COVID-19 testing labs with hundreds of thousands of tubes for use during the pandemic.

As part of our exit, we are offering our remaining inventory at discounted prices, especially for those who are willing to buy in bulk. However, inventory is already beginning to run out fast, with some of our most popular antibodies already sold out.

Right now, for all antibodies listed below, we are offering all 50 ul sizes for $95, 100 ul sizes for $179, 150 ul for $209, and 1.0 ml for $1250. Additionally, we are offering all associated blocking peptides at $50.

If you have any questions about inventory levels, are interested in placing a bulk order (≥ 1.0 ml), or need any help, please contact David at

Check out the tables below to explore the antibodies and peptides currently up for sale. Inventory levels are constantly changing and will be updated weekly. In addition to the antibodies on sale, we continue to offer the rest of our antibodies at list prices. Check out all our antibodies here

TRPV1 (GP14100) staining of mouse inferior olive using Cy3-conjugated donkey anti-guinea pig secondary antibodies (red color) and DAPI (blue) as a nuclear counterstain.