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Fetal Bovine Serum Inventory Blowout - $259/500ml

We are looking to reduce our current supply of fetal bovine serum. This inventory includes the lots we've been selling and using internally all year. These have proven to be of the highest quality. Here’s a sampling of user feedback:

After referral from an ex-colleague, we tested a sample from a single batch and found that the product is great for cell cloning & hybridoma work, and generally for all other cell culture. We subsequently ordered several bottle of FBS. The sales person was very friendly and worked with me to make the purchase possible. The order arrived promptly. - P. Dias, The Biomedical Research Institute of SC

We ordered several bottles of Fetal Bovine Serum on 2 occasions and are pleased with its performance in our cultures. The FBS arrived frozen in enough dry ice and was neatly and carefully packed. The FBS was very reasonably priced. Thank you. - K. Patrene, University of Pittsburgh

This offer is only valid while supply lasts.