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Catalog Number: RA10108
Applications: ICC, WB, IHC
Type: Rabbit IgG
Format A: Whole serum
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human, Rat, Primate
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Image: Western blot analysis indicated that concatamerized trimers remain intact. Total protein from oocytes injected with RNA for wild type P2X2 monomer, or trimer HH-HH-HH, HA-AA-AH, and AA-AA-HH was separated by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions on a 4–12% gradient gel along with protein from uninjected oocytes. Immunoblot analysis was performed using a polyclonal antibody directed to an extracellular epitope of the human P2X2 receptor and ECL. The position of molecular mass standards (kDa) are shown on the left. In Western blots of similar gels, trimer HA-AH-HH gave a single band of the same size as the trimers shown here. DOI 10.1074/jbc.M504545200.