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Catalog Number: RA24604
Applications: IHC
Type: Rabbit IgG
Immunogen: Synthetic oxytocin coupled to bovine thyroglobulin (BTg) with carbodiimide (CDI) linker.
Format A: Whole serum
Format B: lyophilized
Species Reactivity: Rat
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone that acts primarily as a neuromodulator in the brain. The receptor is a G-protein-coupled receptor which requires Mg2+ and cholesterol. It belongs to the rhodopsin-type (class I) group of G-protein-coupled receptors. Oxytocin receptors are expressed by neurons in many parts of the brain and spinal cord, including the amygdala, ventromedial hypothalamus, septum, nucleus accumbens and brainstem.

Image: Oxytocin staining of Rat Hypothalamus (PVN/SON). Note: staining is completely eliminated by pretreatment of 1 mL of the diluted antibody with 5 μg of Oxytocin. Pretreatment of 1 mL of the diluted antibody with as much as 100 μg of vasopressin does not diminish staining.

It is invlolved in regulating mood including perceptions of stress and stress induced depression. Oxytocin may play a role in autism and may be an effective treatment for related repetitive and affiliative behaviors. It is also know to produce antinociception and analgesia making it a target for certain pain therapies.