We have Virus Transport Media! We are pleased to announce we now have media designed to move virus testing samples, including COVID-19, from point A to B. Each lot of virus transport media (VTM) is manufactured under strict guidelines as outlined by the CDC, is sterile, and undergoes quality control before release, meaning it is ready for use upon arrival.

It's pricing is in line with all the many media we currently provide. If you know of any hospitals, clinics or testing facilities that would benefit we all are ears.

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-2: 3 ml VTM in 15 ml tube$2.39
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-3: 50 ml$84.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-4: 100 ml$109.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-5: 500 ml$305.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-6: 1000 ml$510.00
Virus Transport Media with SwabsVTM-KitVTM-Kit: Tube w/ 3 ml VTM, sterile swab, bhz bag (min. 100)$3.59
Virus Transport Media with SwabsVTM-KitVTM-with-Swab: 12 ml tube with 3 ml VTM and sterile swab$2.99