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Catalog Number: VTM
Storage: 4-8°C
Shipping: Refrigerated (Polar Packs)
Format A: liquid
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VTM-2: 2 ml 15 ml tube (120 mm) - qty 15$74.00Add to Cart
VTM-3: 50 ml$84.00Add to Cart
VTM-4: 100 ml$109.00Add to Cart
VTM-5: 500 ml$305.00Add to Cart
VTM-6: 1000 ml$510.00Add to Cart

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This media is ready to use. The recommendation is to aliquot the media into 15 ml centrifuge tubes or equivalent at a volume of 3 ml. Virus transport media is designed to transport viruses, including coronavirus, for research and testing purposes. Each lot of virus transport media (VTM) is manufactured under strict guidelines as outlined by the CDC, is sterile, and undergoes quality control before release. Media is stable for one year from manufacture date when stored at 4-8°C.

**Virus Transport Media (VTM) is designed for the transport of viruses for research and testing purposes. **

***This media is not to be taken internally and is for the transport of specimens only! ***

****This media has not been reviewed by the FDA. ****

*****Registration Number: 3017258841; Owner Operator Number: 10077477; Valid trhough 12/31/2020. *****

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15 ml tube (120 mm) - VTM-2

15 ml tube (120 mm) - VTM-2

VTM-6: 1 Liter Bottle

VTM-6: 1 Liter Bottle