The Strep-tag® purification system is based on the highly selective binding of engineered streptavidin, called Strep-Tactin, to Strep-tag II fusion proteins. This technology allows one-step purification of almost any recombinant protein under physiological conditions, thus preserving its bioactivity. The Strep-tag system can be used to purify Strep-tag II proteins from any expression system including baculovirus, mammalian cells, yeast, and bacteria. For vectors for bacterial expression. Cloning and expression kits and vectors.

  • Simple one-step purification from crude lysate to 99% pure protein under physiological conditions possible.
  • High and selective binding affinity and high capacity due to special Strep-Tactin resins
  • Resins for gravity flow, low pressure or HPLC applications
  • Co-purification of non-covalently bound ligands, thus, protein-protein interaction studies are possible
  • Column regeneration and activity status is visualized by color change.