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Catalog Number: MO20015
Applications: IHC
Type: Mouse IgG
Immunogen: Prokaryotic recombinant fusion protein corresponding to the extracellular protein of APP between the Kunitz protease inhibitor domain and the beta amyloid region.
Format A: Supernatant
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human
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A-Beta proteolysis by TTR is KPI-sensitive.
A- A-Beta incubated with TTR (A-Beta+TTR) shows a weaker A-Beta monomer band as compared to A-Beta alone (A-Beta), indicative of proteolysis, as analyzed by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis followed by western blot. Pre-incubation of TTR with pefabloc (A-Beta+(TTR+pefabloc)) and with an αAPP peptide containing the KPI domain (A-Beta+(TTR+KPI+−APP)) inhibits TTR proteolytic activity, whereas the αAPP peptide without the KPI domain (A-Beta+(TTR+KPI−−APP)) facilitates proteolysis. B- % of inhibition of TTR proteolysis by quantification of band intensity in A. C- Ultrastructural analysis by TEM of preparations incubated for 15 hours, as described in Materials and Methods. TTR inhibited A-Beta aggregation as compared with A-Beta incubated alone (upper panels). Pre-incubation of TTR with αAPP peptide containing the KPI domain (A-Beta+(TTR+KPI+−APP)) abrogated TTR ability to avoid A-Beta aggregation, whereas αAPP lacking the KPI domain (A-Beta+(TTR+KPI−−APP)) did not affected TTR activity (lower panels). Scale bar=500 nm. PLoS ONE. 2008; 3(8): e2899. Published online 2008 August 6. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0002899.